Here is the illustration I did for Anand. He asked me to do an illustration for his office which should represent his love for music , hope and miracles. Water color illustration on paper and text added digitally.


Goingnuts with Unposted Letters

‘Goingnuts with Unposted Letters’ – Introducing a set of limited edition Unposted Letters chocolates in collaboration with GoingNuts Chocolates for this season of love.A perfect gift mixed with illustrations,chocolates and love.If you would like to pre book your orders or want to know more about it please send your enquiries at


Meliorism (noun) The belief that the world can be made better by human effort Yesterday I was at IIT Madras to do an interactive graffiti project with all the lovely students out there.It was an awesome experience and super fun while doing the  graffiti as a part of  Kalaikoodam -fine art fest organised by the…